Thursday, September 14, 2006

One Foot in the Grave, The Other in the Mouth

I feel like I need to clarify what I said before. In the passage from Matthew, Christ says that some have been given the gifts to withstand the tests of romantic love, while others have been given the gifts to remain celibate. The problem is, many of those with this second set of gifts try to force themselves into the vestments intended for those with the first, and the result proves disastrous. I feel that I fall in with the first group. But Tolstoy writes that those appointed to receive the gifts required for marriage are virtually nonexistent, and that it is for this reason that so many marriages fail, or at least become a hollow shell of what God intended the sacrament of marriage to mean.

This prospect really frightens me.

But, I think that what he says is skewed, at best, and entirely wrong, at worst. Perhaps it's only that we, as imperfect people, refuse to receive these gifts, and instead try to make it on our own. Maybe it's all tied into what God meant when he told us to ask and receive, seek and find. Nobody wants to go through life alone. But it could be that those who remain single receive the gifts which allow them to still live life joyfully, just as much as those who marry, if only they ask. We can't expect to always be happy, but we can choose whether or not to receive joy.Whatever happens, though, it's only a shadow of what will happen when we, the bride, are reunited with the Bridegroom.


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